Masicka – Rum (No Kick From Champagne) Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Drink but wi no drunk caw every tug grow drama
Liquor haffi strong like Old Cogan
How wi program grades deh yah so wi must roll one
Under the influence any love portion
Stop a the pharmacy buy some trojon
Then mi call a random gyal and seh I love you and
Wi need fi meck a spar
Shi seh yes you a the dan
Different story, pure mi a next one

This meck yo nice and press
Meck yo drive and crash
Watch how yo pee, pee, rum
It wi meck yp drop down and cyaa leave the ground
Rum inna cup when trees a bun
Watch gyal a bubble pon dem knee a ground
Everybody happy like money a run
Rum bring up the inna me
Bring out the inner you
When you a jump yo cyaa seet a come

(Verse 2)
Mi seh mi a go stop hi no
But I never quit
Mi seh mi naw drink again
Mi naw light up a spliff
But anytime stress appear
If it’s even a bear
Mi no care get some ice for me quick
When mi touch the club a so my vibes haffi kick
Anchor the rum and gyal a wine pon the ship
If a war you a bring take yo eye off a mi quick
The magnum talking
Fire from it a kick

(Repeat Chorus)