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D’Angel Drop “Picha Informa” Addressing Explicit Photo [AUDIO]

D’Angel has addressed the explicit photo of her that has been circulating online since last month with a new single “Picha Informa.”

“Mi neva know yo have boy a inform on Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp, fro the see the picture dem no stop chat,” D’Angel said in the intro.

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“The boy weh take the picture no have nutten bout him, mi a big woman so mi done with dolly house thing… him shoulda blind that little peeping tom, I hope that one picture deh will keep him calm,” D’Angel rhyme over a retro dancehall beat.

A photo shows D’Angel performing at a pool parting and dressed accordingly for the occasion.

However, a part of her well groomed lady parts was exposed and caught on the lens of someone camera.

Listen to the new track below.


  1. I do not support what she did . Why she choose to do that I don’t know .Ban her from Sting is rubbish . Every dance hall female artist conduct themselves that way will be ban . That’s why all kind people taking away our music and acting like they are Jamaicans . I respects people’s opinion . Give it couple more years there will be so many people singing / deejaying Jamaican music . Women needs to conduct themselves in a lady like manner . You just can’t tell people what to do .

  2. The riddim is bad

  3. sdfu. u too badmind, what if someone did that to your wife

    • Mi wouldn’t married to a type of girl like that . If u a show up the thing of course a one man ago wah take a snap

  4. Tis song a fu—ry she need gi guh cook some pork for dread boy Bennie man