D’Angel Bite Back At Sting Promoters Over Ban

Sizzla is not the only one hitting back at Sting promoters over the recent ban. Dancehall diva D’Angel has also respond to the ban saying she is a grown woman.

A week after staging a successful Sting 2013 at Jamworld, Portmore, chief promoter Isiah Laing released a statement saying they have issued a ban against Sizzla Kalonji and D’Angel over their behavior on the show.

DETAILS: Sting Promoters Banned Sizzla, D’Angel

“What kind of image is D’Angel portraying as a mother?” Isiah Laing says. She’s saying she came to clash but that’s not how the clash went. It was not about Ninjaman, she embarrassed herself. At least a five-year ban for D’Angel.”

But according to D’Angel, she is a grown woman and she did not do anything on Sting that has not been done before.

This is what D’Angel told the Star:

“As a grown woman and an artiste, I am entitled to entertain and perform. I have been watching Sting from I was a child and there is nothing that I did on stage at Sting that was far-fetched from all the things that have happened on that stage over the years.”

“I haven’t done anything different from what has always been done at Sting. I have never seen it become a problem before, so why is it now that they are making a big mountain out of it? I went on stage with ‘The King of the Dancehall’ Beenie Man and the fans loved it, I went on stage with ‘The King of Sting’ Ninjaman and the crowd loved it. The opportunity presented itself to perform for my fans and I did that and they all loved it.”

Beenie Man and DAngel Sting 2013


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