Mavado – Don’t Give A F–k Lyrics

(Verse 1)
My style, my flow, a the hardest
Reaping the fruits a the heartless
Si mi pon the stage dem cyaa test
In a mi full white mi mic cordless
Fi reach my level a the hardest
Gully Gaad a lock it regardless
Mi sting like wasp and the chop like glass
Mi go buy allot of gas i s a hard press
F–k co star mi being you
Block the crowd from mi intro
Learn from what I’ve being through
What i’ve being through, what i’ve being through
So mi rise to the top
And a me cyaa stop
So mi rise to the top
I ain’t coming back

Unuh waan si mi stuck
But wi no give a f
Unuh waan si mi broke
But wi no give a f

(Verse 2)
You see those house
Those cars that’s I man
You see my shoulder that my mama use to cry on
Right now you look and see the jewelry coming
I guess in time you see the yacht, the jet deh hollo
Wi all come from the ghetto and wi have our dream to go up
And be young money making my cheese

(Repeat Chorus 2X)