Beenie Man Ft. Busta Rhymes – Ganja Fi Bun Lyrics

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(Beenie Man – Verse 1)
Me smoke concess, land spread, cannabis, afgan, full gana, ears and cronic
naw go si the police and panic
Boil down mi weed and meck mi tonic
Steam mi rice and wid blue banic

Ganja fi burn, it haffi burn
High grade a fly to mi brain like sonic
Mi weed feel big like the pacific
Spliff big like the ss titanic
Seriously mi naw be ironic
Cush open mi brain like banit
Tek mi to a different planet
It haffi burn

Blunt, wrisla, bung, challis, white house, parliament, Buchanan palace
Crack, cocaine, and mally mi malice
Marry the wana shi a mi Alice
Doc fi weed, high grade honor this
Light the spliff tek one a this
It was town and Salomon grave
Free the slave, love respect and honor this
Ganja fi burn, it haffi burn

US, Europe, Africa have it
Jamaica weed, it a the maddest
West to the more to the land a the baddest
Higher than the ifletower deh Paris
Am not Garina Forest
It just a likkle act

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(Beenie Man – Verse 3)
When mi go a Amsterdam
Mi and mi friend dem a smoke weed hand in hand
Big up all Italian
Cicilian a ganja man
German and the Austrian
The Belgium and Australian
Cush from the Californian
The brown come from the Mexican
Reach Arizonan border yuh haffi start
Federal, the DEA, FBI, ATF, All federal
Would a like to see our ganja field
Burn down and turn in a mineral
It burn wi ears, the orange jaze
The white widow a the general
Straight high grade mi put to mi brain
Mi naw go smoke no chemical
Naw go tek no drugs fi meck mi go end up in a no medical
Smoke mi ganja night and day
And still stand up yah physical
Smoke the herbs the kenemi
Meck mi humble like the county
Nobody naw report mi for a spliff in a this country
The ganja don’t even plenty
And instigate fi waan arras mi
Any weh the dancehall deh yuh a go si mi

(Listen Chorus)


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