Cecile – Dem Yah Time Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Yow watch hi friends watch hi friends wa yo keep
Watch yo back when yuh a walk pon di street
Some a dem no mean yuh no good yo seet
So know di wolves from di sheep

Tired a di things mi usto do
So mi live an mi learn how fi follow dem rule
Right now a just use fi use
Before dem take everything an yo loose
Dem eat an drink wid yuh
Den dem turn round paw yuh
No member when di things yuh did fi dem
Yow chimney meck wi diagnose dem

In a dem yah time
Watch who yo let in a yo life
When yo sleep haffi open yo eyes
Walk good caw dem a push yuh weh fi slide

In a dem yah time
A who yuh a go trust wid yo life
No body but yo self mi advise
Careful no meck dem meck yuh loose sight

(Verse 2)
Mi tired a di way mi usto be
Realize dem naw look out fi mi
So mi cut off some a dem mi usto si
Shed di lode pon mi back now mi free
Mama usto say take sleep an mark bed
No make no sense yo ride or die fi dem
When dem naw do di same yuh run dem

(Repeat Chorus)

You better learn di game
And play it there way
Cause di moment you forget dem make yuh remember
And by then it’s too late

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)