Aidonia – Don Deh Ya Lyrics

(Verse 1)
The don deh yah, don deh yah, don deh yah
Fat black Beemer weh favor black ladder
Gyal a seh mi hot mi a mussi scotch pepper
Gyal a seh mi hot yeh mi a the hot stepper
Spanish town gyal dem, dem a flock fellow
Fi the number fi mi but mi seh whatsapp better
Bay gyal a fight ova this yah block brother
Mi seh bare gyal a war ova this yah block brother
Up town gyal pretty like peac**k feather
Down town gyal seh shi cyaa ride the c–k better
Tongue ring gyal waan gi the don header
A we meck gyal gwaan like umbrella
And open up fi the don fi the top sheller
Anyweh wi deh gyal shrub up dem umbrella
Gyal find me, anyweh mi deh shi find me
Could a hide all yo gyal under seller

Gyal a get tek weh
Gyal a get tek weh
Mi seh zombie yo si da pretty preps deh
Tell are seh di don seh shi sexy

Gyal a get tek weh
Gyal a get tek weh
Gyal a get tek weh
Gyal a get tek weh

(Verse 2)
Full a gyal like
Beverly, Stephani, Vanessa, Shanessa, Hatel, Tiffany
No to sit on the tip a mi dically
No mi no icarry, dicarry
Caw mi no fool like duck, gyal a get pluck quickaly
No mi no pose like figary
Mi carry gyal go a Tivolly go watch football match
Wid Tuldust a dribble like Ribarry
Carry are a mi yard and touch are
Gyal start shake like shi cold wid shivvery
Hilary cyaa tek are hand off a mi body
Shi a mi Barby, mi dolly
Shi love the tug Mohammedally
Shi dilly mi dolly
Push are like shi deh pon the chally
Man a gyallis from birth mi get that from mi daddy

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)


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