Tiana – Yuh Nuh Groupie (Alkaline 123 Counteraction)

Every artist that me know
A boast how dem get gyal easy doe
All goodas gyal hand up meck mi see
Shout it out loud gyal yuh no easy

Every artist that me know
A boast how dem get gyal easy doe
From yo know seh no bwoy cyaa f yuh easy
Shout it out loud

Gyal yuh no groupie
No bwoy cyaa walk and talk
And boast seh him f yuh easy

Yuh no groupie
But yuh wi con a bwoy and tek weh him money
Like 123, go down paw yo knees
Believe me it so easy
A no 123, mi no Spephany
Cyaa save mi number as groupie

(Verse 1)
After yuh no claffy
No bowy cyaa ride yo like Jackie
Goodas gyal no run down no c–key
If yuh did gi him, him same one walk round and chat hi
But him fi talk bout him likkle c–key

Hey, yuh fi confess bout the things weh yo do
Confess bout the things weh yo do
Meck mi tell yo no bwoy cyaa f mi as easy as 123

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi naw lie mi seh mi like
But mi never tell yo how mi love yo
Money, money, mi a pree no care about yo
Mi waan fi get rich like 123
While yuh a pree how fi get gyal easy
Nough a boast seh dem a gyallis
But yuh never f me in a yo palace
Yo might f plenty gyal easy
Cyaa f mi like 123

(Repeat Chorus)


  1. Who is or what is a Spehany?

  2. awooo

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