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Sizzla Kalonji Says He Care Zero About Sting Ban

Supreme Promotions has issued a ban on Sizzla Kalonji from performing on Sting in the future.

The development came just a week after Sizzla put on a fiery performance against homosexuals at Sting 2013 at Jamworld, Portmore.

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According to Isiah Laing, Sizzla Kalonji was warned repeatedly about anti-gay and hate lyrics.

But Sizzla Kalonji says he could care less about the ban.

A rep for the “Thank You Mama” singjay told Urban Islandz that Sizzla is staying true to what he believes in and is expressing his freedom of speech.

“We are all allow that fundamental right called freedom of speech,” his rep told us. “Sting know Sizzla’s principle and knows he like to freely express himself on stage. This is how Sizzla perform everywhere for his core fan base. We care zero about this ban.”

The rep also made mention about rapper 2 Chainz expletives laced performance and questioned why he was not banned also.

“2 Chainz came down here and curse a lot of badwords so why was he not banned from Sting,” the rep questioned. “This is how we like to fight against our own artists.”

Sting promoters have also issued a lifetime banned on D’Angel from even entering the venue.

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  1. tide turning against homophobes. overtime no place for them or it in a world that is less tolerant of injustice or ignorance, hiding behind faith as a justification. No righteousness in any of it…What a man does in the privacy of his bedroom is his business, so long as its consensual and with another consenting adult.

  2. laing like guys i believe

  3. This what I call suicide. recently sizzla has been singing about Gays only he should just forget about them or he wont hear the end of it.

  4. sizzla dreams about sucking P E N I S all day long!

  5. Zim say large up Sizzla fi standin’ up against badmind.Laing a bomboklat,him

    wann sell soul n integrity fi get money

  6. At the end of the day Sizzla standing strong with his beliefs. As a sting promoter or any other promoter they should never try and change an artist but understand there views. Kartel – fu– pu–y, supercat – kill pu–y for fun, TOK – bun the chi chi mon, buju – in jail (they finally got him) at the end of the day it’s their musical expressions And we choose we’re we go and who we support. Sizzla keep doing your thing

  7. thats y me affi rate killa the 5 star general him stand at him word no sting till battyboy laing appolgize and look what dem do wid sizzla big up u self dadda BATTYMAN FI DEAD AND DEM BODY BURN

  8. Sizzla we a know your stance againts homosexuals!!! There is NO NEED TO REPEAT it at every stage show or every concert!!! You deserve it!! You fu**&&£_ idiot!! We all know you dont likes gays, so why do you talk about them sooo much??? Is like you giving them a forward…. DJ your songs man and stop waste quality time talking about things that are irrelevant! Blasted cu-t!! You go overseas u do the same sh–!! Things and times change in Jamaica!!

  9. Nuff respect…mi bredda. Gunshot fi dem.

  10. Prodution Ghettostar

    Laing is smart he know how to make money

    • Thats why it all comes back to the bible. Money is the root of all evil. Man will become lovers of money more than lovers of their own soul. If you stand for nothing you will fall for anything.

      • Um, no, evil comes in many forms that don’t require money – barter was the means of exchange for a very long time and I assume there was still evil.
        And Laing stands for something. It isn’t YOUR something, but it’s something. So his opinion is to be respected and if you go onstage and behave like that…he has the right to ban you from his venue.

    • he is smart because he just onother motherf—ing batttybwoy illuminati trying to show sympathy with his fellow faggot to make money,any way sizzla is more than sting so he doesn’t care anything “fire pon a man who rides another man from behind”!!!

  11. Prodution Ghettostar

    Sizzla a go stay a yard and don’t make no money

  12. In defense of those principles which we hold sacred and ancient (God made man and woman and command them both to be fruitful and multiply~Genesis 1:27&&28), the wise and benevolent King, Emperor Haile Selassie I, counseled that, “Men will die in defence of principle; men will sacrifice their all rather than compromise themselves and renounce that which distinguishes them from beasts— their moral faculty”.

  13. Stand firm Sizla, Jah Rastafari Soldier. You are taking a stand against an immoral and destructive act. God is with everyone who stand for right principles.

  14. Incredible homophobic speech here in the comments. Can’t believe that reggae is becoming like this in 2014.
    And I’m saying this as a white reggae drummer, that has always believed in equality and justice.
    Dear sexists and racists, your time’s up.
    Sizzla, do us all a favor and go find a job, we’ll not miss you at all.

    • Go su– a di– and shut the fu.-k up burn out batty man fi life

    • go find a job your self because I know you whites are just jealousy of reggae you will never have it

    • Look at all those hateful, ignorant comments. They can’t even form a coherent argument so they resort to ‘sucking —-‘. Little strange that they use that terminology, haha.

  15. Things are changing for the better. Don’t ‘preach’ from the Bible if you can’t follow the most basic rule.

  16. Sizzla a real man bun out batty bwoy Nuh watch Nuh face sting now a look like a stage fi foolishness where people air their dirty laundry no place for real big man …….Macka wi proud a yuh watch the thing your rival didn’t kill you lyrically throw word for me a old dancehall veteran mi Nuh call dat clash monkey business you are a diamond and diamond is always a girl best friend I think some of us should now go to church wi finish let the youngsters do it now speak for myself mi gone a church but mi afi tek a luk paan the ting se big woman wit all dem bits hang out like greggs bread roll nastiness

  17. Sizzle a real man bun out batty Nuh watch Nuh face stink now look like a stage fi foolishness Macka you are a diamond stay that way diamond is a girl best friend

  18. Deviance is all what homosexuality represents. Respects to Sizzla and no to sensorship. It’s a serious issue.

  19. Dem a Fight against rasta and selassie

  20. Sizzla is an idiot. He fancies himself conscious, bullsh–, he has a backward opinion from medieval times, you don’t have to S**K D**K to see that gays are as natural as ganja. Jamaica needs to grow up.

    • Fu– you b***y b*y. Big up to Sizzla. It was Adam and Even not Adam and Steve…medieval times roll it back. People like you want introduce too much slackness inna the place. That’s why the world stay how it is now. Filthiness. Freedom of speech!!!

      • Yeah, because he/she is automatically homosexual and deserving of being called derogatory terms because you disagree with his/her statement.
        Adam and Even? Okay.

        Not everyone believes in your God, so cool it.
        Also, slackness? Have you SEEN the performers at Sting?

      • Zara its called “freedom of speech” which means I am free to say anything I want.

        And with regards to the other performances on stage at sting-this was not apart of the discussion here so why would I make a comment on it. Start that discussion and I am more than happy to join in.

        And BTW with regards to Adam and EVE its obvious that a man and a woman being together is the most natural thing. Ask your mother and father…that’s how you came into this world right? Or was it from two women or two men-maybe. If we look beyond religion for one minute it still comes back to the fact that the natural process of life requires a man and a woman to continue the processes of life without science interfering that is.

      • Freedom of speech does not include the right to say things that incite actions that would harm others. (Bun a fire pon a battybwoy!!!) And apart from that, it’s just not civil.

        If you call consensual private sex slackness while public displays are okay, your priorities are warped.

        Adam and Eve is from the Bible – using biblical quotes won’t help you logically.

        And speaking beyond religion you have no proof that it will do any harm. In fact it might do more good than many opposite-sex couples in terms of overpopulation….The purpose of a relationship is not to bear children, as feminists and scholars have tried to tell us from day one. One of the purposes of SEX is, but many opt out of that through contraceptives, having sexual relations without intercourse, having sex while fertile , etc. Are they going to hell? We shall see.

      • oh.. so now we are to believe that gays do their nastiness out of concern for over population? gtfoh.. their concern is nastiness. don’t try to go around it.

      • go suck your your mother battybwoy Williams idiot. fire on all gays and lesbians infact kill them all. sizzla forever Africa loves you.

      • Maybe you should go troll another page now seeing as he was banned from Amsterdam too.
        Whatever your personal feelings are, the logic is there.

      • Go crawl under your pre-cambrian stone, idiot.

      • Ha ha. Wow haven’t laugh for such a long time. Nada again its called freedom of speech so you can say whatever is want. Doesn’t hide the fact that its slackness. If you can’t respond to this message by saying you didn’t come from a woman and a man being together and that you have two father or two mothers then don’t bother responding at all.

        Woman to woman – man to man a nastiness that whether a pre-cambrian or post-cambrian still dirtiness.

    • run way bout yuh ……bout gay is natural as ganja…..boom bye bye

    • Ownorv Blasting Morgan

      Suck yo mada no plz battybwoy

    • Yes, most Jamaicans have a ‘backwards’ view of things because the education is LACED with old bible teachings instead of, y’know, education with proof. If Sizzla just kept it to himself, he could’ve gotten away, but NOOO, he had to be hateful.

      • and who imposed the bible upon non-Christian Africans and killed off the natives? The good ole cultured and progressive European? who starts war after war with “backward people?” Yes. The kind-hearted gay-loving European.

      • You obviously have HUGE problems with Europeans, which is near racism by the way, seeing as you’re judging the entire race/continent based on past actions. But then, you’re homophobic, so hateful/uneducated comments are to be expected.

        America and Europe messed up big time a lot of times by being hateful of other peoples – based on religion, race, sexuality and gender among other things. Don’t you think it would be wise NOT to be hateful to avoid those same mistakes? But alas, Jamaica is too young and too impoverished…

      • Pu$$y what you mean that education is laced it’s common sense from you been livin have you ever seen a man got pregnant it takes a man a woman to make a baby physically are scientifically

      • No, women can conceive/give birth without men, and I think they’re working on the same for men. That old argument is now invalid.

        And thank you for calling me childish names, it really helps prove your argument.

    • Pu—hole guh su– yuh big pu— muma batty boy nuh grow natural dat a straight gunshot

    • just cuz you are gay doesn’t mean it is natural. if you gay, be proud of your decision. don’t blame it on the genes cuz 2 hetero genes can’t buss no homo child

  21. Big up sizzla the bobo yute man and man can’t bring life inna the world . Mouth talk can’t do anybody anything freedom of speech burn batty man .hope u win the Grammy nuff respect to the bobo yute

  22. Band sizzla yes y’all regular ni–as.
    Can dictate but that don’t mean sh– two
    chainz curse him nuh bother nobody sizzla
    always a provoke the people them a them
    life let them do wah them want who response bout them a gal mi seh them can’t
    come a mi yard nor his him to leave the
    people them alone

  23. Band sizzla grass yes y’all regular ni–as. Can dictate but that don’t mean sh– two chainz curse him nuh bother nobody sizzla always a provoke the people them a them life let them do wah them want who gives a fu– bout them a gal mi seh them can’t come a mi yard nor his him to leave the rassclaat people them alone

  24. Laing is an idiot . Him a look hype and full
    of sh– .

  25. Sizzla a fire bun di whole a dem