Vybz Kartel – Louis V Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Shawn Storm mi naw worry bout dem
From mi a likkle bwoy mi granny seh fi low friend
Mi born a Water House and now am on the mountain
Mi get mi first girl when I was around 10
Beg you tell mi bout Carren no bother tell mi bout Glen
Mi enjoy mi life party without end
Cause in a the cemetery yo know money don’t spend
No trust another man a that you fi know then
All the gyal dem weh yo deh wid you fi study round dem
This yah one yah is G Rated
And the grabber too hot it cyaa do without blem
A river full a rum a cranberry fountain
Portmore city turn up everybody spoken
This yah door yah lock another one open
Dem a wish fi si yo haffi live up a the fountain
Mi circle in a Mobay yo know seh money go spend
Rice bag a barry town yo know mi deh, deh, round dem

Louis V blue jeans mi a put it on
White shirt wid the T mi a put it on
Rose gold a fi me, mi a put it on
Gyal a send a bag a sign fi the Capricorn, Gaza
Grabber catch a fire man cyaa calm
If a no me gyal a seh shi waan Shawn Storm
Can yuh do the supn like a car horn
Gaza mi seh

(Verse 2)
Mi naw worry bout that
A nough a dem a sissy weh a sit down and chat
Dem worster than a gyal yo no si seh dem waan tat
Mi never beg yo nothing fi cook in a my pot
Dash the rum pon the ground when mi remember Pienot
Gyal yo bumper big yo ready fi the bike back
Anyweh yo waan fi go wi dilly dolly like that
The two a wi a cuddle together the night lock
But a Addy a the shepherd every gyal a my flock
From the days of JBC
When yo si da broom yah wi used it fi fly bat
Mi have another one mi used it fi fly rat
And another likkle one weh name do no try chat
And anyweh wi go gaza thing a road block
A no likkle pickny thing hey bowy go home back
A up Water Loo, Hope RD, to Hope Flat
Yow a deh so mi a build and smoke a whole pack

(Repeat Chorus 2X)