Merital – Dark & Evil Lyrics

Tell dem wi dark and wi evil
Love murder people
Walk up paw yo endz and mi a drive shot in a people
Mi dark and wi evil
Love murder people
Unsolved mi story police cyaa solve no crime that we do

(Verse 1)
Rise every gun pon the earth
Wi a murder people because wi bad from wi birth
Am doubt heavens reject
Because dem seh that mi curse
Cause mi love fi si when dead body lydown in a hearse
Mi a killer from when hi no
No left the mack 10 hi no
Drive up pon dem endz and kill dem fast
Queng, queng, hi no
Beat it up beng, beng, hi no
Mercy mi no lend hi no
Colombian neck tie torcher win and people haffi dead hi no

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
When we decide to step
Nobody cyaa come out a door
Dawg cyaa put a foot out a door
Bay dead body mi a shrub out a door
Try escape end up in a detour
Caw mi sick wid the chip and mi mad to the core
Everybody pon the ground put yo face to the floor
Each and everyone a get dem head top bore
Police get bay gunshot

Tell who a send threat mi no fraid unuh warn dem
Death stick a beat shot fly through head lock
Rise every pump rifle, every K’S
Every tek shallow grave, every duppy weh mi meck
Naw left none fi survive
Tek weh every last breath
Butcher dem wid hox and machete
Drive up paw yo endz kill everything in a sec
Left every eye shut

(Repeat Chorus)