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Chris Brown Probation Revoked, Heading To Jail

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse for Chris Brown it just did.

According to reports, a Los Angeles judge revoked Chris Brown’s probation in his Rihanna beating case.

Brown, who is doing a 90-day stint in rehab for anger management, appeared in court on Monday with his lawyer for a probation hearing.

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The new development came after authorities in Washington D.C. filed assault charges against Chris Brown over an October incident.

But the “Fine China” singer will not be heading to jail just yet since he is on a court ordered rehab stint. The judge set a new hearing for February 10 when the singer will know if he will be going to jail.

Brown’s probation officer also submitted a report from his rehab facility to the judge that note his improvement since he started taking a new psychotropic medication.

“The clinical and medical team have witnessed very positive change in Mr. Brown since his psychotropic medications have been changed and he has been taken off medical marijuana,” the program director said. “His ability to emotionally regulate himself has improved markedly.”

Do you think Chris Brown should go to jail for violating his probation?

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  1. NO, he shouldnt go to jail! everyone makes mistakes!! who wouldnt b angry all the time in this fu–ed up world!! hang in thr chris! & btw ppl that bit– probably deserved the beating! Encore!

  2. you straight up lied in the title. never coming here again