Lady Saw x Dice – Poison Arrow Lyrics

Your love the poison arrow cupid
Shopping in my heart
You make mesick when I am with you or apart

I need a cure fi your love
A cure fi your type
I need a cure, cure
I miss you too much

(Verse 1)
Chris and Rhianna no have nothing pon da love yah
Wi have a band much tighter than a rubber
Wi meck magic when wi under the cover
Pull up the tune meck mi done in a da club yah
Your like a pill that I just have to have
Hook paw yo love now it hurt so bad
Your my medication, your my rehab
Sickly in love oh god

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
You give mi head ache, stress and back ache
High blood pressure send up mi heart rate
You meck mi feel like mi waan migrate
You poisonous love meck mi cyaa think straight
Sometimes I wish you would leave me alone
Lose mi number come off a mi phone
Change mi mind when yo seh yo coming home
I need a cure fi yo love baby am so torn

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Baby you and me, we had a destiny
We over love because you poisonous
Baby you and me, we had a destiny
We over love because you poisonous

Your like Jazlin and Stephen Jay
Love and hip hop like everyday
No escape I can get away
I sure wanna leave but I stay
Out a my gate you make me plead
Tell you to go but pray you wouldn’t leave
When yo lie to me and preach yo believe
You know what it is but I just cant breath

(Repeat Chorus)

One Comment

  1. Chorus:

    Your loves a poison arrow, cupid shot me in my heart/
    You make me sick when I am with you or apart/
    I need a cure, for your love/
    A cure, for your touch/
    I need a cure, a cure, I miss you too much.