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Rihanna Curse Out Fan Who Criticized Her Expensive Gifts On Instagram

A fan got a piece of a fierce Rihanna on Instagram yesterday.

RiRi has been posting photos of her expensive Christmas gifts on Instagram all week. One of the gifts she received was a hand bag from Donatella Versace.

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One of her fans on Instagram name Farielaaa immediately posted a comments chastising the pop star for showing off her gifts.

This is what she wrote:

“There’s people out their [sic] dying and you are taking pics of your good new things. Help and give to people who never owned a Prada bag. If you love your fans, help them too. It’s all because of us you making your damn money. What do we get? Nothing.”

Rihanna versace bag

Of course there were several other commenters who were criticizing Rihanna but that one struck a nerve.

Rihanna shot back saying:

“My Prada shoes that I spent nothing on can’t stop anyone from dying. However, the $100,000 I just sent to the Philippines will.”

Several other fans of the pop star praised her response.

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  1. Where’s the “curse out”?

    Furthermore that fan is stupid and asking for handouts. It’s Rihanna’s money she can do what she wants, everyone makes money because of someone else it’s called an economy, Grow up, stop the envy and make something of your own damn self.

  2. will you all leave riri alone if she want to spend on expensive goods its her money if you have cash you wud spend on expensive stuff as well you r just jealous cause you r broke go get a proper job and leave people alone u dumb bi–h you think you have to be rich to give to the poor i’m sure u neva bought a pair of shoes give to some poor person on da street or sacrifice your pay check and pay rent or bills for some needy person or volunteer your rejected self and feed people you don’t have to be rich to give charity I give charity I aint rich