Bugle ft. Jahmiel, Propa Fade & amp; Vybrant (YVP) Rave All Night Lyrics

Jahmiel, Propa Fade & Vybrant
A swev like water hydrant
Cause dem a have fun cyaa done

Party cyaa start until we step in
Gyal deh yah an the thugs dem check inn
Send we go done the cash

Wi no si no bed a night time
Cause wi rave till a morning
Si a catty wa a my kind
Take are weh without warning

Alcohol spill all the shoes dem stain
Still a have fun caw wi friend dem no lame
From yuh seh party yuh call my name
Up an running

(Verse 1)
When it come to flossing wi a never runner up, summer up
If a liquor throw some rum a cup
Girls love some slim an some a fluff
Yuh si which part mi belt deh shi come a touch
When yo si mi role wid Janie dem
Wi no wait fi spend, wi set crazy trend
When it come to the lady dem
Me an Romeiche have space fi ten

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Rasta party militant so no soil the bank robber
Some tall green trees an some red rose rabber
Hennessy mi a drink no baba
Wi hot like 97 wid condas an jaba

Dodo clothe clean mi seh nothing naw dweet
Mi rave all night like seh a my work
Some a seh wi no know wah life worth
But wi live fi this life Bugle an wi naw si no bed

(Repeat Chorus)