Richie Loop – Supply Di Rum Lyrics

Mi seh supply di rum
Meck wi have some fun
Yea, when yo supply di rum
Yea, di party cyaa done no

Mi love when gyal a bubble a bubble up and wine
And a drink a party same time

Mi wi supply di rum
Di party cyaa done

(Verse 1)
Caw inna mi shorts and mi fresh white teas
Gyal inna short, shorts and dem bikini
Inna di party cups no empty
Everybody drink free inclusively
And wi naw go stop party meck wi have wi fun
And da party yah shot and wi no have no gun
Selector play tunes gyal a wine and go down
Wi have whole heap a cranberry

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi seh mi cyaa stop drink
Seh mi cyaa stop drink
Mi haffi get a gyal fi mi get a summer flings
Mi cyaa stop drink, seh mi cyaa stop drink
No, mi no inna no driving
So when yo si mi inna di party
And mi a enjoy mi self wid a shorty
Mi feelness, mi feelness, mi feel oh so nice
So meck mi enjoy mi self

(Repeat Chorus 2X)