Rihanna Fully Over Chris Brown And Their Rocky Relationship [Exclusive]

Perhaps the last time Rihanna split with Chris Brown was the last straw.

The on-again-off-again couple split in April of this year after only rekindling their relationship for a few months.

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A close source to the Bajan pop beauty told Urban Islandz that she is now fully over her abusive ex-boyfriend and is never looking back.

“It’s crazy cuz people think that they would end up back together but not going to happen because Robyn is fully past and over all that,” the source who is a close friend to Rihanna told us.

“She is much more mature now and her career couldn’t been better, I mean when I see her now I see the Robyn I knew, fun loving, bubbly and fierce,” the source continues.

Rihanna and Melissa

The source admitted that it wasn’t easy but with the help of her close friends and family she rediscovered herself and found the strength to moved on.

“Robyn only wish for the best for him [Chris Brown], but I believe she see things for what they really are now, and all of us around her and her mom really pulled together for her, she is a strong and talented gal,” the source said.

The source also revealed that Rihanna and Drake are not dating and she is not dating anyone right now.

“They are just friends,” the source laments.

Rihanna and Drake were spotted at a club in Houston last month and out for dinner in Los Angeles following the Toronto rapper’s concert.

Rihanna is currently enjoying some down time following her hugely successful Diamonds World Tour.


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  3. Lol she only done with him cause a couple weeks ago she won that award and Chris said he don’t care about her or what she winning. The bi–h got thrown out the window and now she trying to cover her a$$ lol

  4. You Haters sound so dumb saying she sets a bad example or going back to a beater. Millions of girls out here sadly get beaten and are still with their abuser. And this had been going on for centuries. So don’t put all the blame on Rihanna. You don’t know how hard it is to overcome love so stfu. Until you have experienced don’t judge. Think about it it’s just like when parents beat children, it’s not very easy to come out of something like that because you love your parents and you make up excuses for them, it’s just like relationships. Think before you speak.

    • Very well said, cudnt have put it better myself. i love chris browns TALENT. but thats where it stops. Chris is a peice of sh that needs to learn to control himself before he can call himself a man. Children can’t control their actions. They throw tantrums and hit and break stuff. There’s no excuse for wat he did I hate the ppl who say she deserved it cuz she cheated. He still doesn’t get to act like a child and beat people. Its not like she killed somebody he knows, or they have children together, or were married. Even in those circumstances its not OK, but u might understand someone being so emotional. But he’s an uneducated rachet little brat (you can tell anytime he TRIES to give a serious interview) and until someone twice as strong as him kicks out one of his teeth, he’s gona think its ok to hit people cuz u feel like it. I dont care who the f he learned it from he’s 20something he can make his own choices. Rihanna was new to all that celebrity relationship crap, and all the other girls wanted him too. But eventually she was gona get over that lil boy and start checkin for some real men who can read. Dats why mi neva check fi dem likkle eediot yanki bwoy becah dem too feisy and luv bright up demself when dem nuh really bad. A gwan like seh him a badman him nuh know nuttin bou nuttin atta him cyan even talk. Di intaview dem de pon youtube…all a di eediot gyal dem weh a worship him gwan go watch ii pu–y try express himself. Yuda dead fi laugh.

  5. The brain is a powerful organ and it is very obedient so be careful about what you think and how you think. It will affect your whole life. If she is fully over Chris then that means she thinks about him in a healthy way; he was a part of her life in the past but isn’t anymore. I hope she is doing fine and learns how to value so many people out there. We usually get trapped in our own thinking patterns, life passes by and we miss the big picture. There are handsome men out there Rihanna who have so many things to offer. Don’t miss your chances.

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  10. Its about time RiRi move on with your life gal the dude is trouble.