Vybz Kartel Trial: Prosecution Star Witness Gave Shocking Testimony

Vybz Kartel was back before that judge yesterday to continue his second murder trial in the Home Circuit court.

On Tuesday the prosecution introduced their highly anticipated star witness, Lamar Chow.

DETAILS: The Case Of Vybz Kartel Murder Victim, Could He Still Be Alive?

Chow was the man who allegedly escape the beating then authorities say claimed the life of Clive “Lizard” Williams on August 16, 2011.

Under question from lead prosecutor Jeremy Taylor, Chow told the court about the incident leading up to the disappearance of his childhood friend Clive Williams.

Chow told the court that the whole ordeal was over a missing firearm. He said Vybz Kartel and the co-accused lower himself and Williams to the house on Swallowfield Avenue, Havendale, St. Andrew by assuring them that no harm would come to them.

Chow said Shawn “Storm” Campbell accompanied them in a taxi to the home where Vybz Kartel invited them inside and began questioning them about the missing firearm.

Chow said he and Williams told the men that they were planning to buy back the guns that went missing. However, despite their plea, he said Kahira Jones held on to Williams from behind and he ran into a backroom of the house but was cornered by Vybz Kartel and Shawn Storm.

Chow told the court that the two entertainers brought him back into the living room where he noticed Clive Williams was laying on the ground motionless and Kahira Jones has a building block in his hand.

He said he was in fear of his life and managed to get away from the men and ran. The witness said Vybz Kartel was chasing him and was bitten by a dog that was in the yard.

By this time the jury was listening attentively to every detail of his testimony.

Lamar Chow said he then brought Vybz Kartel in a cab to the hospital before returning to the Waterford community in Portmore.

Chow said he was told by Shawn “Storm” Campbell that he should not tell anyone about what happened to Clive Williams. However, he said he told everyone who asked him the truth.

Williams body has never been found.

Charged along with Vybz Kartel are Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Kahira Jones, André St John, and Shane Williams.

His testimony will continues in court today.


  1. true kartel fans knows that Is guilty ! FOR sure !

  2. Lock dem up !

  3. this has to be the dumbest sh– i have ever heard

    man free that man if you dont have any evidence 2 years they hold a man with no evidence

    im glad i live in america

  4. Anony u r correct

  5. Concern
    They invited Lamar to go to Guyana in order for him not to talk . Shawn Storm did not give Lamar his passport back that’s a dumb move right there .

  6. This Lamar Chow if he had travel to Guyana
    you wouldn’t have heard a word out of his mouth . Who are all these low lives Kartel have around him . In life stay away from liars , deadbeats , scumbags all these people they all want to travel with Kartel u not a f—ing

  7. Dwl lock up the dunce head teacher babylon need fi come gi we the video evidence yah now

  8. If Chow was scared for his life & ran away how did he then pluck up the courage to go back & help Kartel with his dog bite??? Most ridiculous thing I’ve heard!
    No DNA, no Body, an extremely weak testimony (a child could lie better), these all stack up in their favour & hopefully Chow will be under some sort of lifelong witness protection scheme because he’ll sure need it!

  9. well in all fairness if they can prove kartel received treatment for a dog bite then they can confirm atleast that part of the story.

  10. If cell phone records can prove that all the individuals were in the vicinity at the same time, including the guy that was allegedly murdered, then there is a strong likelihood that he’s going to jail; even if it’s not for murder there is a strong case for conspiracy to commit murder.

    His only saving grace is the lack of a body or DNA and he better hope nobody carried their personal cell.

    If one of his co-defendants turn prosecution witness then it’s all over body or no body.

  11. wen is the final day o f this

  12. It sounds like this guy got paid off to actually to say these things because nothing that he says adds up,they need just to let these people free and to get back to there lives families

  13. first lizard sister says she gave them $4000, then chow said she gave $1000, then chow said he saw kahira with a block standing over lizard then he changed his mouth and said it was mad suss whom he saw with the block at the time, sounds like fabrication to me.

  14. he waited after two years then to come up with this statement.system a pree de teacher

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  16. Still no witness to the actual mrder. If this is the best that the prosecution got, good news for Vybz…

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  18. kartel is guilty, major blow to his case, he aint coming bk, nt like it made a diff, didnt even member he was in jail, dancehall still nice

    • Dehya you an idiot…can you even read? This is a mans livelihood..How can you take a man that wants to kill you to the hospital? Lmao…..dancehall wasn’t invented by kartel so it will be ok after he is gone….this about injustice to a ghetto youth….

    • Dehfar dancehall boring since Gaza mash up and adi deh a prison

  19. So if I’m reading this right Kartel wasn’t even in the room when Clive went down. To me this shows that he didn’t do it.

  20. he is a paid witness how can the judge believe what hes saying tho ? .

    • strange ..if you are in danger how come you turn back and help the attacker ?and from what he is saying both he and kartel and storm ran from the room leaving the man alive an then ran away when they return ..maybe the guy fainted..or is still in hiding.people go missing every day ..