Bugle – We Nuh Fear Lyrics

Dem think dem smarter
Mi done have the finest daughter
Dash some water, wet dem up

Tell dem wi no fraid a no rose nor weable
And wi no fraid a no evil caniel
Cause some bwoy weh a chat
Dem only a meck lip noise like vehicle

Wa wi want is another payday
Build another house wi no in a lay, lay
Hey dem a think war, wi a think dream car
Cause our life a no play, play

(Verse 1)
If mi waan me can miss the a
But a good life man a pree a rave wi a rave
Wi a head to the hill to wi house fi go chill
But nough a them bwoy deh a head to the grave
Lead wi no follow, wi no wanna be made
If a friendship well wi have the highest grade
We naw meck nobody draw wi out
Like lace them a waste and wi no lock a days

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Opportunity a scarce commodity so mi a go visualize
Naw listen to no bwoy weh a meck a bag a noise
My life none a dem cyaa jeperdise
Dem a pree war while mi a gwaan rise
Waan mi a coward, if you want a the plan this
Mi a think good life, them a think badness
You a think bout shot fi load yo gun
Mi a think bout land house
Scheme mi waan brandish

(Repeat Chorus 2X)