Beyoncé Wear Jay-Z Barneys Collection At Launch Party [PHOTO]

Beyoncé support her husband Jay-Z by wearing his new Barneys Collection despite some recent controversy.

Jay-Z held a launch party for his BNY SCC holiday collection last week Wednesday in New York City at the flagship store on Madison Avenue.

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Beyoncé posted a few photos on Instagram repping for her husband designs which includes a $700 Elder Statesman cashmere ski mask, a $12,500 gold New York City ring, and a $2,300 Moncler puffer varsity jacket.

Jay-Z recently came under fire for his partnership with the luxury department store over allegations of racial profiling of shoppers. However, the rap titan says the partnership formed in an environment of giving rather than for profits.

Jayz barneys

Beyonce BNY collection

Beyonce mask BNY

Jay-Z two finger gold ring



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