Christopher Martin – Secret Love Lyrics

Love girls weh sex
Mi love girls weh hot
Love girls weh slim
And mi love girls weh fat
Love girls weh white or brown or black

(Verse 1)
But watch da girl yah
She got a body weh I never seen
And another girl so I have to look
Seh shi have a man, mi understand
But tell mi weh mi fi do
Cyaa stay friends with a girl like you
Long time a watching you
And If you gi mi a chance fi wi slow dance
Then my body would be rocking you

Mi naw tell you fi creep
But if you a go creep girl dweet come touch mi
Mi naw tell you fi sneak
But if you a go sneak girl sneak come love mi
Naw tell you fi sleep out
But if you a go sleep out sleep wid mi
And if yo man find out and waan walk out
Girl be wid mi

(Verse 2)
You have everything weh mi want, weh mi need
So mi cyaa get enough a you
Being around the world
Seen many girls
But I still choose to go for you
No other girl means as much to me
That’s why am perusing you
And even though you have a man and mi seh mi understand
Am just lying to my self hi no

(Repeat Chorus)

I don’t wanna wait in vane for your love
Just tell me the time and the place
Please don’t let me wait invane for your love
Let my loving flow through you gates yea

(Repeat Chorus)