Cham Talks Dancehall’s Negative Image, Working With Damian Marley

Cham has been one of the most consistency artists in dancehall for more than a decade.

The “Lawless” deejay recently did an interview with Gibbo in in U.K. where he opened up about a slew of new hits he currently have in rotation, the negative image of dancehall and more.

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Cham says over the years dancehall has been wrongly targets for being aggressive.

“I think we have been wrongly criticized over the years and sometimes it goes overboard because every genre of music get controversial at times but yet still they don’t pin point or push it like how they push it against dancehall music and reggae music,” Cham said.

“As far as positive music goes, we have always been doing positive music but its just like seven brothers with seven different minds,” Cham added.

Cham also said for dancehall to move forward and win over more fans artists have to be united.

“We have to be united, we have to get united to move forward in a positive way,” Cham continues.

Listen the full interview below.