The Game Caught Posting Photoshop Pic Of Himself With Tupac

The Game is getting some heat from Tupac Shakur’s fans over this photo.

The Compton rapper recently posted the above picture of himself and Tupac back in the days on Instagram. The problem is the photo was photo shopped.

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Fans quickly recognized the photo and blast The Game.


“R.I.P. to one of the realest ni–as to ever do it. Ain’t no me without you in the game,” The Game wrote in the caption.

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  1. it was done out of respect, if u dont know this was photoshopped your a damn idiot

  2. What the f– does The Game look like in front of his(a) computer on photoshop??

  3. lol man ya’ll gotta lay off game a bit. He bleeds west coast. He’s often on Dr. Dre and Tupac’s nuts, those two are his hero’s. At the same time he should try to keep it real. SMH

    • I’m disappointed in you for believing this you gullible gullible man.

      • Lay off the game is what i said. You believe in his hype dont you? He’s just another rapper who fronts to be real. you think game is a real gangster? you think he really does what he says in his rhymes? you think he actually goes around killing people everyday? No. rappers are actors. this is all entertainment. The fake pic is a part of his “fakeness” if you believe other wise then your an idiot! lay off him he’s just being a phony none of it is real!!

      • Thanks for that, it was so necessary because i thought all rappers do is kill all day when they are not recording. Thanks to your great wisdom I am no longer a complete idiot :| . On the contrary some people who happen to rap do get locked up for possession of a deadly weapon and assault. Despite if they are phony rapper actors some people don’t take a lot off shyt and are potentially dangerous just from having a sh-tty attitude. I believe the game may be one of them. Back to what i said, killer or not and no i don’t believe he’s a killer, he’s not the Photoshop type.

  4. pretty sure game dont know a sh– a bout photoshop.

  5. he also said a fan sent him the pic idiots

    • if you are sent a pic of you with sir abraham lincoln would you post it online vaguely remembering you were with him and said picture was taken? Are you kidding me or are you simply THAT stupid?