Morgan Heritage Address Criticism Over A Political Dubplate

Morgan Heritage received some criticism recently for a political dubplate they released for Audley Shaw.

Audley Shaw is currently running for leadership of Jamaica’s opposition party the Jamaica Labour Party JLP.

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The song is a dub made off the reggae band’s classic single “Reggae Bring Back Love.”

In a statement released to Urban Islandz, Morgan Heritage says the song was made for Jamaica and is not a political endorsement.

Read the full statement:

Morgan Heritage would like to clarify that the dubplate of our hugely popular hit ‘Reggae Bring Back Love’ was done “fi Jamaica” as Peetah clearly states in the intro.

Morgan Heritage has an abiding love for Jamaica and would have done a similar dubplate for anyone. The fact that we sing about our ideals of bringing back love and making Jamaica a better place in the song Reggae Bring Back Love, which was recorded 13 years ago, and happens to be the same message of anyone today, only speaks to our belief of a better Jamaica and not any political views.

As is the norm on a dubplate, names are called, but everyone knows that this is not an indication of support or personal endorsement and should not be taken as such. While we wish the campaigners all the best, Morgan Heritage has not taken a position of support for any of the contenders and we do not endorse any politician or any political party.

As Rastafarians, Morgan Heritage does not sit on any side of the political divide. We do not dabble in politics, but like all Jamaicans, we are concerned about some of the things taking place in our beloved country.

Our message of unity, love, respect for self and respect for authority remains unchanged and we will continue to work to effect a change for the better as a part of our musical mission.

We note that this mission has extended into all areas, including the sporting arena, and it was with much joy that we learned that Ends Nah Meet, a single from our latest album, Here Come The Kings, was selected as the official theme song for the CONCACAF Women’s Under-17 Championship, following Jamaica’s last leg of FIFA’s World Cup Trophy Tour.

We give thanks to Jamaica for endorsing Morgan Heritage.