Jayds – Sweet Like Cappuccino Lyrics

Dash it out gyal and back it up
How yo pu— feel good mi cyaa have enough
Slip it in when yo wet and meck mi c**K it up
Meck yo scream out like a Alkaida bombin up

Hey if a mi yard mi a tell you seh fi come
Yo pu— so wet gyal yo meck mi c**key jump
Yo tight pum pum me love feel up
Then mi inject you that meck you feel num
Mi naw stop gyal prepare fi go to 3 round
You seh mi taste sweet like cappauccino
Yo pu— likkle like a zero
So mi lost mi c**key in a it like a nemo

(Verse 1)
When you wine and bend yo back you meck allot a man attack
Some gyal still no know how fi hold them man
Them late like 10:00 clock
If yo man seh him a left, a today him a beg you back
Cause3 yo pu**y hole no cheap like dollar coin weh spend a shop

Gyal tic toc and shake it like a lim
You seh you waan fi take mi like a Baley from Tamin
And ride pon the c**key like a lady cycling
Ride pon the c**key like a lady cycling

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Breast get grab up
Pu**y get damage up
When yo bite mi neck and quint yo pu**y that mi love
Mi wi meck yo come 50 times in an hour
You wi dweet fi mi gyal yo man you no follow
You waan know if mi love you gyal come find out
When yo sky dark mi meck yo sun shine out
Some other gyal time up
You hot like the flames mix wid the pyro

(Verse 3)
When your nature calling
Link mi darling
Mi get you wet like early in the morning
You fall fi mi like a domino
A yo tight fat pu**y meck mi waan fi married you
Girl when you nature calling
ANswer darling, get you wet like early in the morning
Anywhere mi go, me you waan fi follow

(Repeat Chorus)