Jah Vinci – Rise Again Lyrics

Why them stay so yeh
Why them stay so
Mi work fi mi paper
Hear mi no Daseca

Yeh wi a go rise again
One day wi a go rise again
Wi haffi fly again
Wi haffi touch di sky again

Tell badmind, cyaa kill mi so easy
Cyaa kill mi so easy
Jah protect wi life
Cyaa kill mi so easy
Cyaa kill mi so easy

(Verse 1)
Cyaa trick mi up
Cyaa get mi out
A jah mi seh, a jah mi shout
Mi a live mi dream
Them waan si mi stab
Them wicked hee, what a wicked act
Badmind a rome, nough a them deh bout
Mi kiss mi daughter before mi touch di road
Cause life no sure if mi coming home
Daseca, mi haffi ask yo

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
As the morning rise mi seh a prayer cause them a watch out fi wi
Even though them smile trick yo wid the laugh
Only jah know them a wicked heart
But jah will guide my steps
Jah will guide my steps
Hear mi no Daseca, look out fi the badmind the traitor yea

(Repeat Chorus)