Tessanne Chin – Anything’s Possible Lyrics

Don’t waste your time
With thoughts of giving up
It’s all in your mind
Let it go, let it go
Am here to remind you
That anything possible

(Verse 1)
Another day comes, another day goes
Some good, some bad, let it all flows
Some people love you, some people fear you
Cause you carry greatness withing you
You got the key better use it
Find what you need to get through it
No worry bout nothing put yo hands in the air
Cause we gonna make it through don’t fear

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Don’t fear the bad times
They don’t lost forever
Yea these are the good old day’s
No don’t fear struggle
It’s gonna take you far in so many ways
And when you feeling down
Go on and held your head up
Yea hold your head to the sky
Thinking bout all you
Thinking bout all you
Can be a star
And when you feel like you made on leds
Listen through the nights
Don’t give up the fight

(Repeat Chorus)

You the solution to the problems you face
Don’t be discourage, you got what it takes
Open your heart and let go off the fear
Cause all you need you got it right here

(Repeat Chorus)


  1. I love this song sooooo much such an inspiration

  2. I love this song that trust me