Overseas Producers Says Jamaican Artists Priced Them Out The Market

Overseas producers are complaining bitterly that Jamaican based dancehall stars are charging too much money to go in the recording studios.

Several European and US based producers told Urban Islandz that they can produced big hits for a lot of dancehall stars, but lack the funding to match what most artists in Jamaica are charging.

“A lot of producers in Europe have good rhythms, but they can’t afford the prices that some of these Jamaican artistes are charging, especially if they are young producers. When it is a big producer, it’s different, but they think everybody from foreign have nuff money,” Senshighj, aka Jean Sebastian, a French producer said.

Overseas producers are saying they have a lot to contribute to reggae and dancehall if given the chance to compete.

“Not all overseas producers have deep pockets,” one producer said.

Sebastian says some artists are charging as much as US$2000 to record on a riddim.


  1. you think dance hall a free how much hip hop stars charge, more over $2000 come on now…

  2. there are a lot of young artists out there just waiting for a brake and it,s the way to get a sterted ,better pay days could be ahead

  3. 2000 how is dat alot of money??? plz tell me, when u have them hip hop n rapers charging 20000 50000 100000, sometimes more then 100000us.. cum on… what them producers want them , to charg 100, 500us.. plzzzzzzzz i think thats far….