Jah Cure – Better Way Lyrics

Am searching for a better way
Am searching for a brighter day
Trying to keep my feet on the right road yea
Searching for a better day

(Verse 1)
A new day as come
Making way for the brighter tomorrow
Yea, yea, see the rising sun
Dry away your tears and your sorrows
It’s not over till it over
The struggles goes on yea
We seek no crumbs from the slave masters table
Yea it’s our redemption now

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
So many times I’ve being misunderstood
People thinking am up to no good
Everybody waan come push and shrub
I did the things that I know that I should
Wet or dry I got nothing to prove
Now alright am still on the mover
Call I now this is the way I choose
And I got nothing to lose

(Repeat Chorus)

I wont be satisfied until I get what I deserve
The sky’s have no limit I wanna fly like a bird
I’ll keep on trying until I break that spell
Got to make it happen

(Repeat Chorus 2X)