Macka Diamond, Babeedoll, L Razor & Dainty – Money Anthem Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Mi have money a yard
My have money a broad
My money so long it’s like china wall
A long time mi have money from mi small
So mi no pay them no mind when them a hype and a floss
Cause a me a the boss
No sah no violate cause mi wi mash up
Cause a we a the future and them a the pass
The cyaa find no hits caw wi a drape the charts

So yo cyaa talk to me if yo argument no involve money
Benz mi a drive not no Nissan sunny
Money paw money bank book tall up and plummy
Yo money have to long if you waan be my honey

Yow my new name is cash
Plus everywhere mi go people seh mi full a cash
Money in a mi pocket fa mi got more stash
Mi no wear cheap boots straight Luise and Prado Gucci

Inna mi garden money tree it a grow
Bank machine a mi yard so mi spend mi own doe
No true mi love money bad mo naw go stoop low
You know how much people borrowed from mi and still owed
People all a barrow money all who mi no know
Mi join partner a bout ten hand mi throw
A man want mi a the bank mi waan go
Talk bout hotel a mussi money cambio

This a the money anthem
Meck mi si the money hand them
From yo know seh yo pocket it no condemn
So meck mi si the money hand them
A money a wi best friend
So meck mi si the money hand them
Western Union yo money it just send
Wooy, wave unuh hand them

(Verse 2)
Money have mmoney eye ball
Money paw mi bed, and maw mi pillow, and paw mi wall
When mi a bathe a money water a fall
Right yah now mi a go open up a money stall
Money mi a sell mi naw sell no clothe at all
If mi phone ring it have to be a money call
Them a look in a Cristal mi in a money ball
Hold up yo hand from yo know yo money tall

No true macka? Yow my money have to nough
And once mi get rich mi naw go get back broke
Nough a them, badmind waan mi career fi stuck
But I’ve being getting money long, long, time

Mi a gyal weh shop till mi weak
Pon mi block them call mi wall street
Babeedoll mi rich to bloodcleat
Hot from mi head straight down to mi feat

Money deh paw mi mind seven days a the week
Mi daughter have to have clothe plus shoes fi the feat
Hustle fi the money cause food have to eat
This year wi have to be the winner cyaa get defeat
Buy wa mi want so mi no have to window shop
Name brans, hot shirts paw shoes and socks
Tek yo eye off a mi chain, mine yo get two box
Cause mi wi wipe out yo worster than contracts

(Repeat Chorus)