Vybz Kartel: “Dancehall is in jail” Calls Current Artists Pathetic

Vybz Kartel was arrested on September 30, 2011, the same day dancehall became incarcerated.

According to the self-proclaim Worl’Boss, dancehall music has seen a steady decline since his incarceration because other dancehall artists have not stepped up to his level.

DETAILS: Two Years After Arrest Vybz Kartel Still Refuses To Be Silenced

With a new album Kartel Forever: Trilogy now in stores, Vybz Kartel is warming up to the media more and holding nothing back, especially not his beef with the Jamaican justice system.

But this time the dancehall star has some scathing remarks for his fellow dancehall artists.

“Dancehall is in jail,” Vybz Kartel told The Voice’s Life & Life. “And although the fact remains that if I die tomorrow, dancehall will continue, it’s also a fact that the next artiste to bring the energy, panache, and ‘vybz’ to dancehall, isn’t here yet.”


Vybz Kartel also noted that reggae music has been dominating the airwaves since his absence because it proves to be a better alternative to a lackluster dancehall market.

“Look for yourself,” Kartel said. “Since I’ve been in jail, reggae has taken over because it’s a refreshing alternative to dancehall for the young kids who realise the artistes of dancehall are just recycling Kartel lyrics and flow. It’s pathetic.”

Vybz Kartel second murder trial kicks off on November 18. The former Portmore Empire head will stand trial for the alleged murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.

Do you think dancehall has declined since Vybz Kartel arrest?

Sound off below.


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    beenieman did done sing nuff things before kartel check de facts kartel seh s cla$$ beenieman drive first kartel him self a recycle suh wah

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    Yaaaaaw beenieman a dancehall greatest wah happen to some bwoy idoit thing dancehall bigga than kartel

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    Dancehall Artiste like mavado., konshens, popcaan, aidonia, even ppl like octane, qq,bugle, a run di place, kartel u good but dancehall a gwan jus fine without u, vado actually set the bar higher fi dancehall go international, aidonia a mek sum wicked daggering chunes, , kartel jus badmind nuh f**K

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    you’re very right . @ kareem Richards

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    …..FREE BUJU!!!!!!!!

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    Yes dancehall is dead since ADDI went to jail FREE WORLBOSS

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    Judah Koromantyn

    First and foremost, your brand of dancehall music in my opinion, is NOT Reggae.
    For a person who style oneself as the “world boss”, who has divided Jamaica and have a large percentage of Jamaican women a bleach dem skin, and shub up de price of “Cake soap, it is my opinion that this brand of dancehall music should die, “dem nah gwaan did not’ing go over deh “!!!
    From Treasure Isle, Studio One Channel One to the present day, if this is the best Artist that Jamaica can export to the world, then his brand of dancehall music is better of f inna Dovecott a push up Daisys…..

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    other artists a shine yeah but at the same time dancehall was more exciting when kartel deh a road. tell mi if a lie mi a tell. Frm the man deh a jail all a the artist dem standards drop, konshense a gwane gud still but the fact still remains seh him did a gwane better when kartel deh road cause the industry was more competitive then

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    I overstand where he is coming from tho with that statement. most of the so called top artist in these times are not original their whole style is based offa piece of the worldboss style from one angle or the other they all wanna be kartel but they dont fully ketch him style nor catch up to him level fully that mek them all look like a water down version of the dancehall hero (at least the ones that does it.), basically wanna bees when they shoulda be trying to find and embrace they own original style weh shot and a that Addi call pathetic. anuh boasy talk purposely the man just have eyes , he can see, he have ears, he can hear, and he have mouth so he can speak his mind also that he have so he can think, analize and come to a conclusion and that was the analisis. cant wrong him.

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    Arrogant statement

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    A tru weh Addi seh, cah fram eem deh a jail nuff gyal ah tell me seh dem cyaah gwuan a dance if eem chune nah bin played deh, ahn dem nah di ongle one wey a seh suh.. Unnu fi seeit for unnu self, dancehall really lock dung some where ahn until him out nupm cyaah gwuan

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    Cory Nah-begnofriends Pinder


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    well its raw facts since the boss was incarcerated everything get dead. everyone singing about the same thing , just wack, all aidonia can sing about is 6:30, movado disaapear, d music declining, its plain to see

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    Adidjahiem Reeba Palmer


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    Dancehall bigger than you ,don’t fool yourself

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    The best thing about Karel in jail is; That you get to hear different artists songs and more other people shinning now.Karel you are in jail now so all you can say to them it is good to hear different people and wish them luck instead of trying to break them down.

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    Howie Di Worl Boss


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    Dancehall is gotten better, alot of artiste a get dem shine, jus badmind cause u nuh like hear oda ppl a teif the spotlight