Laden – Stay-Free Tongue Lyrics

Him seh 7 year now him could a continue walk
Pu**y lippy mouth a the way weh yo start
Meck mi tell yuh why yuh and Banki no talk
The dan catch a man spanking yo ass

Shoot them out a the sky like a bird
Bwoy body drop down buff not a word
Mi seet clear is a clown that a nerd
Weh the call him

Freaky dread, bwal fi pay 3 sum
That’s why them call him stay free tongue
Bout you waan my place fi run
And every gyal inna yo face sit down

(Verse 1)
Talk a bag a f**Kry, none a no facts
You them catch wid yo tongue under frock
Talk bout how yo build up house fi yo mother
Down a Patchier Grey yo sit down and a kptch
Faker, wa happen to chago?
How you love fi ask gyal fi chaw so?
That’s why yo jaw them swell like fi Audley Shaw so
Junction weh da fish yah a go?

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Hear mi no Micky Mouse
Come out a Nicky blows
No you tell people yo kotch inna 50 house
The world done know why him sister kick him out
Because shi find out the dread have a sh–ty mouth
Sky yo singing mouth
Rifle lick him out
Cyaa go back a Green Vill them ship him out
Him shouldn’t call mi name
Him should a keep him mouth
Yo mother have yo funeral suit picking out

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)