Jah Vinci – Jah Jah Still A Watch Me [New Music]

(Verse 1)
Jah bless mi through temptation, trial and crosses
Eyes pon di prize caw mi naw count no loses
From yo si mi yo no haffi ask if ghetto youth a suffer too long
Yea, mi haffi talk this
Ghetto youth waan meck money everyday
Mi tired fi poor caw da life deh it set away
Yuh no haffi ask if wi a live inna di last days
Naw stray, naw go di other way

All when dem a wish bad fi we
Waan wi laydown inna di cemetery
Jah, Jah, did a watch wi
Yea, Jah, Jah, did a watch wi
Though mi meck nuff mistakes before
But tell dem Jah, Jah, still a open door

Jah, Jah, still a watch wi
Yea, jah, Jah, still a watch mi

(Verse 2)
Hey rock if mi never put down di zig zag
Mi know seh mi toe would a tag
A no like dem naw meck money
If every dawg give thanks fi di likkle weh dem have
Then yo think a likkle bag mi use to grab
If a knife mi did a stab
Tugs dem wi dig yo fi di things dem weh yo have
My life no sweet
A nuff a dem never walk pona bloody street
Meck mama still a cry tears fi him now

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Nuff a dem a grave dem a dig youth stop it an go live
Do good and yo wi get it when yo live
Caw Jah, jah, si di youths dem weh yo kill
Why yuh living so negative?
And want a bright future fi yo kids
Meck dem conscience bun dem fi di youths dem kill weh never call fa
Di one dme weh di devil after
Mi no know how dem so bitter weh dem get dem heart yah
Cyaa wash wid no jelly water

(Repeat Chorus 2x)