Rihanna Budweiser-Sponsored Documentary ‘Half Of Me’ [VIDEO]

Rihanna has teamed with beermaker Budweiser for a new mini-documentary “Half Of Me.”

The short film chronicles Rihanna impact on several of his superfans across North America and the U.K.

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The film was premiered on Billboard and formed part of the beer giant’s global Made For Music initiative.

“We look at Made For Music as celebrating creators that make a mark on pop culture,” says Camilo Durana, global director of Budweiser Sports & Entertainment. “We recognize the incredible relationship Rihanna has with her fans, and it’s no mistake or coincidence she’s one of the most-followed people on the planet in terms of social media. That’s because of the message she gives to fans about being themselves and being authentic and inspring them to achieve their dreams. That’s very much in line with where we are as a brand and the message we want to communicate through Made For Music.”

The film was directed by Phil GriffinPhil Griffin. watch below.