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Mavado – Walk Out [New Music]

Dancehall star Mavado drop a new single “Walk Out,” off the Head Phone Riddim, produced by DJ Smurf Music.

Gimmi a gyal wid di house and di car look
Gimmi a gyal wid di saw look
A nuff a dem a tek a page from fi are book
And none a dem no have fi are look
Intelligent gyal yo full a etiquette
Gyal yo fragile, yo delicate
Never get weh Shelly get no dash weh belly yet
And a months now yo celebrate

A nuff a dem a go a dance and haffi borrowed supn
Yo never bruk, yo never borrowed nothing
Gyal a one man yo keel and yuh no borrowed nothing
Yo never suck, yo never swallow nothing

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  1. excellent