Rihanan New Fragrance ROGUE Behind The Scenes [VIDEO]

Rihanna‘s new fragrance ROGUE hit stores on September 13 and is already a hot seller.

The Bajan pop beauty release some sexy behind-the-scenes footage for the upcoming ad campaign for the fragrance.

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“People are always changing and evolving, and with Rogue, my new fragrance, I wanted to switch it up to reflect who I am today,” Rihanna says. “It’s a personal fragrance that’s more self-aware. It’s Rogue, it’s me. This scent embodies demure feminine qualities yet carries into an audacious new moment. I made it for all women, for every mood, because we all want to project our true selves.”

Watch some behind-the-scenes footage below.

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  1. It’s irresistable simply because it is produced with a very popular star