Ricky Trooper Fallout From Gay Promoter Prank Call [AUDIO]

Famed Sound System selector Ricky Trooper is experiencing some fallout following prank call made by a member of the Playmaker Sound.

The prank call was made to book Trooper for a gay pride event in Germany last year.

But now Ricky Trooper and UK-based promoter, Scar Face, the head of Playmaker Sound, are at odds.

Scare Face claimed the Trooper backed out of a contractual agreement to play at a show at the Santa Cruz Bus Park in St Elizabeth on September 28 and its all over the prank call.

However, Ricky Trooper says he did not get paid for the booking and will no be playing at the show.

“How yuh fi honour an agreement for something that yuh neva get paid for?” Trooper asked.

Ricky Trooper, who is a 30-year veteran Sound System selector, built his career largely on the bashing of homosexuals.

However, the audio of the prank call was uploaded to YouTube and has caused Trooper a lot of fall out in dancehall in recent months, with other selectors mocking him.

Trooper can be heard talking to a female with a British accent about doing a show at a gay event. The veteran selector told her he has no problem doing the show if the money is right.