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Lady Saw Ft Flo Rida – Heels On (Remix) [New Music]

Flo Rida asked for a dancehall queen and he gets it in the form of Lady Saw with her heels on.

Dancehall diva Lady Saw enlist Flo Rida for “Heels On (Remix),” produced by Diva’s Records.


Come and meet me at my front door
Tonight, tonight

Make me take you on a love tour
Tonight, tonight

Let us tear up this dance floor
Tonight, tonight

I wanna give it to you hardcore
Tonight, tonight

Full: Lady Saw Ft Flo Rida – Heels On [Remix] Lyrics

Listen full track below.

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  1. Not Everyone Can mix with A Dancehall Artist (Do Know That!) But I Give A Thumbs Up to Flo Rida On This One