Lady Saw Ft Flo Rida – Heels On [Remix] Lyrics

(First Intro)
I got my heels on
My new Luise Vuitton
Flow rider coming through we about to get it on
Sexy like Nia long, wearing nothing but a tang
Do it to mi baby meck mi twang

Come and meet me at my front door
Tonight, tonight

Make me take you on a love tour
Tonight, tonight

Let us tear up this dance floor
Tonight, tonight

I wanna give it to you hardcore
Tonight, tonight

Let me love you wid my heels on yea
Introduce you to you ding dong
I’ve being waiting for you so long
take me to the swing song
Make love to a slow song
I got allot of things to show you yea
Am gonna love you like I owed you
Let me put this body on you
Use it control you
Mi glad seh mi know you

(Verse 1)
Whoo, mommy, mommy, drop it on me meck yo body go
Lower, lower, you know what you doing baby domino
Ting a linga ling, Iphone ring
Ready, better get it ready am o dive in
What you saying, what you saying, don’t be playing
I got my love in my hand am just saying, am just saying
You got that Bugatti booty, got that Bugatti fikkle
Put my key in you ride it, whoo girl I love your ambition

Hey I got allot of things to show you
You know I like my shorty own up
Am o take you on a love tour
Call it a busta, now buss it for me

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi body stick alive inna mi heels when mi drive
Stick shift inna mi hand pon high way 95
Put on yo seat belt this name over drive
Slippery when wet so no slide

Mi sweat a run cause am working out
Come baby come walk wid mi round the house
A long time you a run off yo mouth
Show mi what you talking about

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)