Twin Of Twins – Up Wid Di Money Lyrics

Up wid di money or go down inna hole
Check seh man a stay inna di ghetto and get old youth?
Finger print man a left inna di road
When belly empty supn else haffi go load

Up wid di money or go down inna grave
Could a live scotia bank yo life still naw go save youth
Finger print man a left inna di street
Boss a gimmi two grand like mi pickny no eat

(Verse 1)
Tell some artist a this wi learn from dem
Wonder how dem would a feel if hi turn pon dem
Crockers, john sport, skee mask, tint up sunny
Everything sme artist have dem haffi go run
No Octane that a drive in, slow down di bunny
Markus gate lock, Buju bwoy a no dumby
Octane a laugh hi no, da supn yah no funny
Hey, hey bwoy gimmi some a Digicel money
A true di church lock meck man a go fi Pappasan
Macka gimmi di diamond and mi hope seh a no slang
Yuh wi die, die, like di chorus a yo song
And no offer mi no pu**y caw mi nature no so strong

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Man pass one bag a subject and cyaa find a job hi no
Rich man pickny buy subject and a dem end up a brag hi no
Man cyaa run like Bolt or go sing like Bob hi no
Hungry naw go kill mi a somebody mi a go rob hi no
Hey bwoy Demarco yo better gi man weh yo have hi no
Mine yo haffi lose weight and don’t even haffi drag hi no
Lexus no run, don’t tell mi bout no swag hi no
Tek ring off a finger or toe wi get a tag hi no
Politician rob di people and nobody no lock dem up
Tell manage key to safe, somebody gwaan go knock dem up
Tell di bwoy weh drive di brinks try no meck wi back dem up
Wi a go tun dem inna prison caw somebody a go rock dem up

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
A no every ghetto youth a some fool round yah
Mad educated and go school round yah
None a dem no live a ghetto but dem rule round yah
God a go kill some a dem like a Nemonia
How much time dem get fi vote and go hide round yah
Dem only come fi rule and divide round yah
Man done meck up dem mind and decide round yah
Watch it, mi run di road like a Aidonia

(Repeat Chorus)