Twin Of Twins Ft. Dhax – Don’t Go Lyrics

Don’t you go, don’t you go
Don’t you know I’ll miss you so
Please don’t go, girl don’t you go

Don’t you know I’ll miss you so
Mi no waan yuh fi go
Girl please don’t go
If yuh must know I love yuh so

(Verse 1)
Shi seh Dhax tell mi why yo lie? And many night yo meck mi cry
If yuh only know how mi love yuh youth yuh would a never try
Fi do di things yuh do, yuh know yuh are mi man and boo
I say am sorry and she say yea am sorry to
Cause am leaving this evening
Shall know girl yea yuh got me grieving
Believe mi when mi tell yo seh yeh mi love yo from mi heart
God know mi know yo break mi heart

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Man fool, fool, and a just so wi build
Have di greatest girl in di world and still
Never stop mess around until
Shi left mi and gone wid another man still
Now mi lock up inna house a listen di song til
Look wa tel place over likkle one kill
Sit down and a reminisce pon di life weh wi build
Look how wi achieve di big house pon di hill

Now your not here and it make no sense
When mi really check back di circumference
Mi naw stop cry til yo come knock mi fence
And mi no care who seh mi no have no sense

(Repeat Chorus 2X)