2 Chainz Responds To Tour Bus Arrest, “I’m Not Perfect” [VIDEO]

2 Chainz has been receiving some bad press since last week after he and 10 others were arrested in Oklahoma following a long standoff with cops.

The Atlanta rapper’s tour bus was pulled over for a broken tail light, however, cops later found guns and drugs on the bus.

DETAILS: 2 Chainz Was Arrested After Police Found Guns And Drugs On Tour Bus

Now Chainz has broken his silence during an interview with DJ Skee’s “Skee Live.”

”You just keep it moving. I come from an urban, challenged background,” 2 Chainz said. “I come from an apartment set and a bunch of guys raised by single mothers. And I made it in a lot of people’s eyes. Once people, or the law, whoever figures that we’re roughly on the same team, because I’m out here, basically just tryin’ to feed my family. You know, paying taxes and none of us are perfect. Let me be the first to say that.”

Watch the interview below.

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  1. All these “petty” crimes and such since he was robbed, ran and fell down on tape and then lied about it, is all OBVIOUSLY him trying to get his “street cred” back. Bet he wouldn’t have been caught in NY with guns n drugs on the bus, where there is a mandatory 2 year bid…