Lil Wayne Diss Lil’ Kim On “Pure Colombia”, Kimmy Fires Back [AUDIO]

The Lil Kim vs Cash Money beef is far from over.

Lil Wayne is creating some waves with his new mixtape “Dedication 5.”

One of the most talked about singles on the mixtape is “Pure Colombia” in which Lil Wayne dish out a diss aimed at Lil Kim.

Lil Wayne Drop “Dedication 5” Mixtape [New Music]

“Changed the face of my Rolex, Shout out to Lil’Kim,” Lil Wayne raps while taking a shot at Lil’ Kim over her plastic surgery.

Lil Kim before and after plastic surgery

Lil’ Kimmy didn’t take the diss too likely and responded on Twitter. Her protege Tiffany Foxx also drop a diss aimed on Weezy.

Listen to Lil Wayne “Pure Colombia” below.


  1. I still like lil kim and always will. if u did ya reasearch a knew the full story on why she did it u will know, stop jugding people, ya only jealous cuz ya gyal dnt look as good as kim does. love lil kim stright yeah.

  2. She look so much better before what the did she done to herself.