Chris Brown Twitter Rant About Racist DA Out To Get Him

Ever so often Chris Brown goes on a wicked Twitter rant and this time he aims for the Los Angeles District Attorney calling him racist and out to get him.

Chris Brown probation was reinstated and he was sentenced to 1000 more hours of community services after the DA told the judge that the R&B singer submitted bogus community service documents.

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On Thursday, Chris Brown went on a rant on Twitter calling the District Attorney racist.

This is what Chris Brown tweeted:

“Ni–a done 6 months community service wit police and the DA racist a$$ crying to the judge that I didn’t do it. F–k the SYSTEM!”

“How about y’all take care of all the homeless kids and families on skid row. Promote helping people that are really fu–ed up in your city.”

“I paint pics of monsters because its a reflection of u bi–ha$$ ni–as and this bi–ha$$ system!”

This news came less than a month after Chris Brown suffered a seizure inside a LA studio that he blamed on stress from negativity and hate.


  1. Give the dude a break.

  2. Odane Odane Odane

    now the race card is drawn: finally! was so waiting for it.