I-Octane – Serious Times Lyrics

Beware, beware, cause there are some serious times yea
take notes of the signs so beware
Open your eyes and be wise
Be wise, cause these are the signs of the times

(Verse 1)
Chevaughn no mercy stand up back and it bun so wa
Inna these times so di wrapper go run
Rain could a stop fall drop pon di ground
Famine, yow di hotter di sun
Man a murder pickny a school yea
Plus di new generation no too safe
Man have next man fi dem room mate
Mama pray but di prayer is too late

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Living in times of bitterness
Heart of the wickedness
Righteous be alert
Earth breaks in diverse places
Profacy wort-hing too much
Who fi love a penny yo life
Sacrifice many a life
People keep fighting gi di wrong things many a times
Till wi cyaa sleep many a nights

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Man a move like dem no need jah no more
Like love no legal no more
As yo quint yo skull bore
The place worster than before
Righteousness and justice
Aberrations of the di show
So am calling on Jah searchers
Telling dem report

(Repeat Chorus)

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