D’Angel – Cost Yuh Lyrics


Yuh a look yuh a stop and a stare
Yuh a hear mi mi dear
Mi a girl expensive and dear
Bout a hot gyal yo waan
Fi go model and show off
Check out di body
Mi firm mi no saggi

Mi born tan so
This yah body yah wi cost yo
MI no like broke so no bother meck mi ask yo
This yah body yah wi cost yo
Meck yo spend every red cent cell all yo glass to
Mi seh deh body yah wi cost yuh
Yuh a look me while so much gyal a pass yuh
But yo really have a heart to
Hot gyal yo waan cyan seh mi never worn yuh

(Verse 1)
Me naw deh wid no man and broke
And mi sure a business house or a truck
If yo naw pull no weight mi naw stuck
Don’t get it twisted mi naw sell di work
Real hot gyal walk out and seh raaaaay
Meck dem know a woman time wi naw play
Mi no waan bounce round when mi old and gray
Any man no agree just come out a mi way
And so

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
This yah body yah no come so cheap
Real hot gyal a road mi no punk a street
So any woman naw collect den mi come fi teach
Every dollar wa yo own a percent receive
No waan no promissory note or counterfeit
Yo cyan trick mi yuh wi get delete
Mi a defend my own mi no care call mi thief
No credit no refund no recite

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus 2X)