Konshens & Zj Chrome – Ambition | Freestyle [New Music]

Dancehall star Konshens drop a new single with ZJ Chrome “Ambition (Freestyle),” Produced By CR2O3 Records.

When I was a kid I never think this day would come
Never had a dream two daughter si di sun
Now we getting money, mixing Henny with di rum
Thank God I never dead inna mi time busting gun
So every ghetto youth unuh fi listen to mi song
All di sufferation naw go last too long
Long as yo have drive and yo have ambition
Set yo goals dem high then yo stick to di plan

It started out 2005
Sherlock di worlock a hustle fi survive
9-5 couple thing pon di side
Mi no proud a mi pass but food haffi provide
One day mi brother seh, a music hi no
Jah gi wi di talent, wi better use it hi no

Listen track below.