Bonafide Ft Vybz Kartel – Leaving Come The Morning Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Mi cyaa stay, da love business yah mi shouldn’t fall in
And although me seh yuh a mi darling
Baby mi leaving inna di morning
Mi lock off mi phone caw mi know mi a go answer
If mi see yo calling
Mi wish me was yo prince charming
But I guess yo never love mi

Am dying, every time I reminisce
Of what we have
Still I cant believe it’s over
I’m trying to make sense of what went wrong
And stay strong, oh lord, oh lord

Baby am di one who can love yuh just righter
Me is the bwoy who can love yuh all night yah
But yuh don’t want it, yuh don’t want it

Every time we go through di things we go through
Why is it me that always come to beg yuh?
Am just so tired of fighting for yuh

Oh girl, I just cant take a page
Yuh bring me everyday
So baby girl, am leaving in the morning
I cant be everything to yuh
But yuh just cant be true
So baby girl, am leaving in the morning

(Verse 2)
Mi love life naw function
Too much unfaithful assumption
Gyal mi a reminisce pon di high way
When yo put yo faith inna someone
It is a hurtful feeling
When yuh find out seh dem have a next one
Did I not give yuh love and affection
Mi never expect yuh fi untrue

Am crying, and I feel just like a fool
Girl cause I know that yuh ain’t worth a dam
Should a being gone a long time ago
But now I got to make it right
Am packing my things tonight
Gyal it’s a long time coming

(Repeat Chorus 2X)