Bramma – Meet Mi Pon Di Way [New Music]

Dancehall star Bramma drop a new single “Meet Mi Pon Di Way,” off the Overdrive Riddim, Produced by JA Productions.

Mi seh hello baby?
Shi seh baby weh yo deh?
Mi waan yo come fi mi
Yo mad? Is a gorilla holiday
A best yo meet me pon di way
Caw mi a party, di vibes right and di part tun up

Weed a smoke and liquor inna cup
Dem yah youth yah seh wi don’t give a
Si if yuh no like wi that a fi yo bad luck
And meck mi tell yo bout dem youth yah mi spar wid
Wi work hard so wi cyaa bankrupt
People if yuh with mi let mi si yo hands up
Mi naw meck dem mess mi plans up

Listen full track below.