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Rihanna Apologize To Drake, Says “I Chose The Wrong Guy”

Rihanna and Drake are officially now a couple and Chris Brown is slowly becoming a distant memory.

Earlier this week reports surfaced that RiRi and Drizzy are getting close. But now a close source to the Bajan pop beauty has confirmed with Urban Islandz that they are officially a couple.

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The source says the two started texting each other recently and then started talking daily.

“Drake was the one who first initiated a conversation via a text message,” the source said.

“Ri (Rihanna) was happy to talk to him because she was hurting after splitting with that DB Chris. She told him she was sorry for hurting him and that she chose the wrong guy,” the source told us.

“Drake told her he will always have a shoulder for her to lean on and that he is happy as long as she is okay,” the source revealed.

Rihanna is currently touring Europe with her hugely successful Diamonds World Tour.

After her tour ends later this summer you can bet to see her and Drake in the club.

Rihanna and Drake miami

Chris Brown has also moved on with Karrueche Tran.

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  1. Some couples are not meant to be and others are so kool and you could see the vibe from day 1. Drake is a kool guy with no drama. Chris let his ego and pride get in the way instead of fighting for what he “supposedly” wanted. Wrongful pride will always take you in the wrong direction. Chris loves himself more than anybody and he will reap in due time. He loves himself, therefore he will end up with himself: alone. And he will have no one to blame but himself.

  2. Omar Israel Czar

    Drake IS the rebound. She’s NOT into him as much as he is into her. Drake’s a rest haven for Rihanna. She’sll ALWAYS love Chris Brown. Even though he dogged her, she’ll ALWAYS love CB. Drake’s TOO soft on her. She’ll break it off with him soon enough and run back to CB. Believe!

  3. I wonder who’s next after drake…………………………..SMH.

  4. NO MAN can satisfy her.

  5. is drake stupid? don’t he realise she is using him to make CB jealous!

  6. Julissa Bouwman

    lol at people believing this story.

  7. You go girl, we all make wrong choices sometimes, make your mind up to be happy and on to the next. Let no one judge you….it’s about time!

  8. Great couple I’m happy for u baby girl.

  9. Kenneth Merital Terexx

    Riahanna a confused pregnant cockroach.

  10. lol dwl…i smell a

  11. bav

  12. she sure knows how to stay in the spot light.


  14. Girl put your life together and stop being a ping pong ball to these 2 guys…
    What are going to say if Drake says he does not whant you also….